Truck Load of Bear Proof Trash Cans Headed to Yosemite National Park

Semi Trucks with Bear Proof Dumpsters.

Hitting the Road With Bear Resistant Dumpsters

Two semi-truck loads of T600 Bear Proof Dumpsters will be hitting the road, and be on their way to their final destination. These bear proof trash cans’ new home is now the beautiful place of Yosemite National Park. This new installation enforces Yosemite National Park’s way of keeping people safe. By using these Bear Proof Dumpsters, bears will not be able to get into the trash and will have to find food the natural way.

Bear guardian latches.

Bear Proof Trash Cans Are A Big Hit With Safety

These bear resistant dumpsters have many features that have been tested to keep the bears out. One of the key features is our bear proof latches. These latches have a steel casing over it to prevent bears from being able to open the dumpster. Another key feature are the brackets that are put on the top side of the doors. These brackets’ sole purpose is to make sure that the door does not open pass a certain point, causing gravity to take over to close the door. This way if a door is left open, gravity will close it, making sure that any bears or other animals have access to the trash.

Grizzly Bear Tested, Mother Approved

This model and the other Bear Proof Dumpsters have been tested by some of the best. They were taken to the Living with Wildlife Foundation at The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, just outside Yellowstone National Park in West Yellowstone. Kobuck, one of the biggest grizzly bears, there got to test our products. They put honey all over the dumpster and that bear could not get in at all. With the steps that Yosemite National Park as taken in buying these Bear Proof Dumpsters, they have made it more safe for the bears and other animals so that they do not get into the trash and eat something that is not good for them.

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