Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Certified – “Which of your products are Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Certified as ‘Bear Proof’?”

A: All Bear Guardian Bear Proof Products are certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. The IGBC has rigorous standards for testing products to be used in bear-prone areas, and has thus become the standard for what defines “Bear Proof.”  As such, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure that you can trust ALL of Bear Guardian’s products to keep attractants secure.

Q: Bulk – “What if I have quite a few I need to order, do you offer any bulk discounts?”

A: We’re accustomed to working with varying volumes of Bear Proof product, as each project is unique. For larger quantities, we can pass on the savings we get from buying material and batch production. For a specific quote on bulk orders contact our Office at (208) 356-3263, and he can send you a price quote based on order quantity.

Q: Shipping – “Where do you ship to, and how much is shipping?”

A: Bear Guardian’s Bear Proof Dumpsters, Trash Cans, and Food Lockers can be found nationally in National Parks and Forests, at business locations, at restaurants and apartment complexes, and even home owner’s associations! We have a range of carriers, each with a specific region they’ve specialized routes in. We’ll work to get you the best pricing available to your location, as such, each quote is custom tailored to get your set quantity of products to your location. Give us a call at 208-356-3263 for details.

Q: Eco – “Is your product environmentally friendly?”

A: We aim to severely cut down on the number of bears that are turned into nuisance bears each year from their access to our waste and food. Cumulatively, that garbage and food is called an “attractant” and bears grow habits of eating unnatural diets when given ready access to them. Our product is environmentally friendly in two ways: (1) It protects wildlife from unsafe food (2) All of our bear resistant containers are made of 70% recycled US made material.

Q: Warranty – “How well does your product hold up against the elements?”

A: Bear Guardian’s Bear Proof Dumpsters, Trash Cans, and Food Lockers all come with our 1 year warranty against defects and structural flaws. We’re just outside of Yellowstone National Park, and the harsh winters and beating summers area a great testing ground for our product. All of our products are sandblasted to remove any mill scale and oxide, and then coated with highly durable TGIC powder coatings that will hold up against the harshest weather. These powder coated finishes are all UV stable to make sure they can handle being outdoors for their entire life, providing for a longer lasting highly durable bear resistant container. We routinely see them far outlive their warranty. We go by the adage of “Under-Promise, Over-Deliver.”