Owner Of Bear Guardian Teaches About Bear Safety

Bear Safety at Island Park.

Safety With Bears

Bear attacks can happen anywhere and anytime in bear country. Island Park in no exceptions to this rule. That is why Bear Guardian Owner Russel Smith was there, talking about bear safety. Bear Guardian is a maker of Bear Proof Products like the Bear Proof Food Container, the Bear Proof Trash Can, and the Bear Proof Dumpster. Bears like to scrummage for food and sometimes they can find their way to your campsite or even into town. But if you take proper precautions like having your trash in proper containers the bears would not have the need to search for food there as much.

Bear Guardian talking about safety.

Testing For Safety

With Bear Guardian Bear Proof products they have been tested by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee to be safe. Russel explains that how his Bear Proof containers meet all of the requirements for having things safe for the Bears and for everyone else. They have a Gravity Bear Proof Latch on all of their containers so that the bears will not be able to get into the trash inside. And if the bears have less of a chance to get into the garbage then they are less likely to hang around campsites, causing less bear attacks.

Bear Guardian owner talks about his bear proof latches.

Bear Proof Safety Latch

The Bear Proof Gravity Latch is the safety feature that all of Bear Guardian Bear Proof products have. This Latch makes it so that the bear cannot get into the Bear Proof Container. Russel states that these Bear Proof products is all you need to help reduce the curiosity of the bear looking for food in places that they should not. So by keeping you trash picked up and put away in the proper Bear Proof Containers, you have less a chance of a bear coming into camp or town looking for food.


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