Selway S215 with split center




This 30 cubic foot storage locker is a quality metal enclosure, is ADA compliant and designed for safe and
convenient food storage in campgrounds, picnic areas, and trailheads. It is designed to have enough room
to fit a large cooler in each of the two compartments and still leave plenty of space to spare for dry goods.
The doors are easy to operate and open wide for easy access. They may be shut by just swinging them closed.
The door hinges are heavy duty stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity. The bear-proof storage
locker comes powder coated for superior corrosion resistance and protection.
The Selway Series Food Storage Lockers are Certified Bear Resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.
An internal child safety latch override is standard. An optional locking hasp is available.
Standard Colors: Black (BL), Blue (B), Brown (BR), Classic Grey (CG), Copper Vein (CV), Sierra Tan (ST),
Medium Bronze (MB), Statuary Bronze (SB).
All Bear Guardian products are made in America from no less than 70% recycled steel and are backed by a
one year manufacturer warranty.
Installation Instructions
Four each 3/8″ x 4″ long wedge anchors, 3/8″ flat washers, and 3/8″ hex nuts are required for mounting.
1. Lay out the location of the anchor bolts in the desired location according to the dimensions shown.
2. Using a 3/8″ diameter carbide drill bit, drill the four holes to any depth exceeding the desired
embedment. A minimum depth of 3″ is recommended.
3. Clean drill fines from hole.
4. Assemble washer and nut, leaving nut flush with end of the anchor to protect threads. Drive each
anchor into a hole. Once the recommended depth of 3″ is achieved, hand tighen the nut until the
washer is flush to surface of the concrete.
5. Expand the anchor by tightening the nut 3-5 turns past the hand tight position, or to the specified torque
6. Remove the nuts and washers from the anchors.
7. Place the storage locker over the anchors and reinstall the washers and nuts.


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