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These Bear Proof Dumpsters and Receptacles are manufactured from heavy duty 12 gauge steel. This is the industry standard for metal animal resistant products. The dumpsters are available in 3 sizes: The T400 in a smaller 4 cubic yard capacity, the Model T600 is a 6 cubic yard capacity, and the T800 is our largest Bear Proof Dumpster at 8 cubic yards capacity. Bear Guardian also makes Bear Proof Food Storage Lockers for campgrounds and parks, and Bear Proof Trash Cans. The Bear Proof Food Storage Lockers come in three capacities as well.  The S111 has 11 cubic feet of storage capacity, the S124 holds 24 cubic feet, and the S130 hold 30 cubic feet. For Bear Proof Trash Cans we have two sizes, 32 gallon and 64 gallon capacities. Both of these come standard with plastic trash can liners.

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These trash receptacles have been tested by a huge Grizzly Bear at the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee at The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone. They covered the receptacle with honey and let the bear have free reign of it. Even the biggest of the grizzlies was no match for our Bear Proof Receptacles. Every product sold by Bear Guardian has IGBC approval so you can rest easy knowing your trash and attractants are secure.

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Bear Proof trash container latch

Very Durable Finish, Bear Proof Latch

After fabricating these heavy duty products, the Bear Resistant Dumpsters, Receptacles, and Food Storage Lockers are then abrasive blasted to remove all the mill scale and oxide on the metal,  and then coated with a 2-3 mils of a Super Durable TGIC polyester coating. This coating can come in a variety of colors which include Green, Blue, Redwood, Black, Brown, Medium Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Copper Vein, Classic Gray, and Sierra Tan. They have a bear proof latch that is easy for a human to open but hard for bear to get into. They also have self-closing lids so that they won’t be left accidentally open. They also have an easy trash removal for your maintenance staff. All you have to do is open the latch, pull out the trash can, remove trash, put in a new trash bag, and put the trash can back. You can even restrict access to the lower doors with an optional locking hasp that allows the use of a pad lock on the receptacle doors.

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